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Overal : A
Overal : APlainfield, NJ
“Jim and Eileen are phenomenal! My house was a mess and in serious need of a deep cleaning and organization. Jim, Eileen and their team spent many hours covering every nook and cranny of my house–no small feat since the house is over 110 years old and many rooms were in pretty rough shape. They did a great job! They were also kind enough to coordinate with other folks I needed to have working in the house at the same time. Not only are Jim and Eileen professional and experienced, they are two of the nicest people I have ever met. I would wholeheartedly recommend them.”
Overall : A
Overall : AJersey City, NJ
“I have to say these guys are amazing! I called them last minute with desperation in my voice and Jim stepped right up and did the job as promised – on time inside budget – and frankly saved my bacon. He was unfazed by the mess and unfazed by the trickiness of egress that I didn’t even know about. He helped me get it done even though I live 3000 miles away. I am loathe to describe the state my dad’s apartment was in. It was truly disgusting the bathroom and kitchen should have been blown up they were so bad! He removed all the furniture, including a sofa bed (hernia inducing) and disposed of it. Every detail I needed addressed was handled without my having to get involved in the process! The place is spotless! I mean it sparkles! The apartment manager was blown away too and took Jim’s card. I am telling you, I can’t thank these guys enough!”
Overall : A
Overall : AShohola, PA
“Jim and his team from Steri-Clean did an incredible job cleaning out my mobile home in Pennsylvania. We had not been there for 3 years and the mice had made it their home. When I contacted Jim, he was very friendly and explained the procedures of the clean up. He got back to me quickly with a very reasonable quote. Soon after, Jim cleaned out, disinfected and sterilized every inch of my mobile home. It now looks as good as new. He was very professional and kept me informed every step of the way. If he was in doubt about throwing an item away, he would contact me for guidance. I am extremely pleased and grateful with SteriClean and the job Jim and his team completed in such a quick fashion. I highly recommend SteriClean and JIm to anyone that is searching for a dependable and professional clean up company.”
Overall : A
Overall : AMonmouth Junction, NJ
“My home project was a truly wonderful experience where their entire team helped me every step of the way in completing an overwhelming task. John, Sonny, Jimmy, Sonia and Gil were truly awesome in making my home clean up project a complete success from start to finish. I would truly hire this team on any day of the week no matter how big or small your home project may be. If you need to declutter, donate or make your home a clean and wonderful place to live this company is for you! Call John and get an estimate today. 🙂 I’m so glad I did.”
Overall | A
Overall | APiscataway, NJ
“It was an amazing experience, from my first call to the final hugs. Jim Quigley and his awesome team worked tirelessly and with great kindness and sensitivity to recover wanted items from the chaos and restore my home to a clean and sanitary condition in just two and a half days. I was just floored by their level of caring. Sure, they removed trash and cleaned nasty messes with no judgement, but it was the small details that really touched my heart. From changing light bulbs that I couldn’t reach to helping assemble a new bird cage, they took care of it and then looked around for more to do. It took me years to gather the courage to ask for help and allow someone to enter my home and see my mess, but Jim and his caring team made the experience more than bearable. It wasn’t just a dirty job to them – they truly wanted to make me happy. I’m looking forward to enjoying my home rather than hiding in it. That one phone call to Steri-Clean started it all. They didn’t just haul away trash; they gave my life a wonderful fresh start.” Description of work: Hoarder cleanout – several years of accumulated trash, recyclables, black mold, and general squalor from severely neglected housekeeping – all covered with a thick choking layer of dust and cobwebs.
Overall | A
Overall | ARockleigh, NJ
“The Steri-Clean crew went above and beyond to ensure everything was thoroughly cleaned and trash removed to my satisfaction. What sets this crew apart, is their positive attitude. Rarely do I come across people who love what they do. Hiring Steri-Clean helped make a stressful situation less so due to the team’s positive and helpful attitude. It was truly a pleasure, and a blessing, to have had Steri-Clean help me with what seemed at first like a monumental job. Jim and his crew deep cleaned my Aunt’s home, which had been neglected for decades. Trash was hauled away, walls, floors, windows and cabinets (inside and out) were deep cleaned and sanitized.”
Overall | A
Overall | AMonroe Township, NJ
“Steri-Clean was very professional, thorough, patient, understanding and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. The workers were extremely nice to work with and went way above and beyond what was in the contract. Thank you for all you did!”
Overall | A
Overall | ALake Hopatcong, NJ
“Jim and his crew did a phenomenal job! My family and I tried to clean out my parent’s house bit by bit and were always completely overwhelmed. In 3 days Jim and company completed what would’ve taken an eternity by ourselves. The finished product was more than I could’ve asked for. Rooms (some of which you previously couldn’t walk through) were clutter-free, clean and fresh. I’m not sure what to stress more – the amazing job they did or how kind everyone was. Cleaning out 45 years of stuff is a tough and emotional process and this proved to be no different for my mom, brother and me. However, Jim, Eileen and the rest of the team made us feel at ease every step of the way. They were sensitive to and respectful of our feelings, possessions and time. The environment around the house while they were working was such a positive one and the team was honestly a pleasure to be around. My mom said she missed them the day after they’d finished working. It was clear that they had made a difficult experience much easier. In addition, Jim was incredibly responsive. I dealt with other companies to get estimates as we began this process. Steri-Clean of Northern NJ was by far the most professional and helpful. Jim went out of his way to get us the information we needed and plan the job with us in a timely manner. I can’t say the same for any other company we contacted. We are incredibly grateful for Jim and his team’s professionalism, caring nature and amazing work. We can’t recommend them highly enough!”
Overall | A
Overall | AJersey City, NJ
“I was promised that my apartment would look like the day I moved in, and they absolutely delivered on that. Jim and his team came in and helped me remove so much clutter that had accumulated over the years. I was completely overwhelmed, and they came, worked with me, and it was even better than I expected. They not only removed the clutter, they removed all the big items I could not even lift.”
Overall | A
Overall | AKeyport, NJ
“Excellent. I can’t say enough about the professionalism and compassion of the crew. They were careful not to throw out anything of value and even found some things that I thought were lost. My apartment was transformed from a place that I was ashamed of to place that I am proud of. I can now have visitors to my home. I deeply appreciate the awesome job they did!”
Overall : AMountainside, NJ
“My husband and I were left with the monumental task of cleaning out his mother’s and brother’s home after his brother passed away. His mom has been failing from dementia and his brother took advantage, took over and destroyed the once lovely home. It was such an extreme case of hoarding, the town condemned the house due to unsanitary conditions. We were stunned at how fast this illness can spiral out of control. Finding Jim at Steri-Clean was a blessing! On day one of our project it was apparent that Jim has assembled an amazing team of professionals. His family works alongside him as well as several additional employees. Every person on the job had an incredible work ethic and were a pleasure to be around! Over a period of six days they handled a very difficult project with grace and absolute kindness. Jim’s quote was accurate and the project was completed on time. You will not find more honest people that genuinely want to help. They would get excited every time they uncovered something of importance! We are so thankful that this company doesn’t just throw everything away. Without their help we would have never found the important papers we were looking for as well as the sentimental treasures! My brother-in-law had additional properties, so our work in settling this estate is not yet finished. The best recommendation I can give is to say, we will be hiring Jim again and again and again!”
Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack, NJOverall : A
“A hoarder clean up is difficult; however Jim, and his team made this process seamless. The team was professional, caring and sensitive to the situation. I plan on hiring the team for another project.”
Peekskill, NY
Peekskill, NYOverall : A
“Jim and Eileen are patient and professional! Unfortunately my grandmother has a common form of OCD – which resulted in hoarding. When Jim came for the estimate, he was compassionate and understanding. He did not patronize my grandmother in any way. She trusted him and let him in and around the house! If anyone knows someone that hoards – you know this is a big deal! The Steri-Clean team worked for 3 days sorting and separating through all the clutter. They never once made her feel dirty or like a bad person. Hoarding is a delicate issue and they handled her with the upmost care. They did exactly what they promised to do and now my grandmother can have a home health aide assist her. We as her family, no longer need to worry about fire hazards, her falling or tripping over anything. We owe Steri-Clean everything as they gave my gram her life back!”

Steri-Clean New Jersey at its Core

Our Mission

We Restore Homes and Lives ®


It is the goal and mission of Steri-Clean New Jersey to always be mindful of the human element and to maintain our sense of humanity in everything we do. We are here to serve whether it is in a time of need, crises or duress with the highest sense of integrity, compassion and honesty.  These principals guide us to always do the right thing everyday and for every client.

We always remember the human factor and through continued expansion of our service areas we will be able to offer compassion, care and understanding to an ever-growing number of people in need.

We will continually strive to educate and expand public awareness about what we do. Helping those we serve better understand their options and the public in general be more compassionate to their plights.

Services | What We Do


Steri-Clean New Jersey offers many specialized services from multiple offices throughout the state. Click on the links below to learn more about our biohazard cleanup, crime scene cleanup, and decontamination services.


Suicide | Homicide Cleanup

Friends and family are urged to seek the help of a professional crime scene cleanup company when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Call for immediate biohazard cleaning services.

Unattended Death | Decomposition Cleanup

This can appear to be a simple stain on the surface but the problem lies unseen. EPA Hospital-grade disinfecting products are applied to affected surfaces to kill any biohazard diseases.

Hoarding Cleanup

When the amount of acquired clutter prohibits functionality in a home, it poses a dangerous threat to the inhabitants. A professional decluttering company can restore the environment.

Traffic Accidents Cleanup

Blood spills on roadways, sidewalks, parking lots and other public property must be properly cleaned. Simply washing away blood will not rid the area of infectious diseases.

Police Services

Any law enforcement officer might encounter a situation where he or she needs a professional cleaning company to thoroughly examine and clean emergency vehicles and equipment, jail and holding cells and evidence rooms.

Drug Paraphernalia Cleanup

Contaminated needles and other drug paraphernalia must be cleaned up by a professional cleaning company due to the extreme dangers of drug exposure.

Superbug Cleanup

A superbug is a strain of bacteria that are resistant to most antibiotics. MRSA and C-Diff are the most common. A professional biohazard cleaning service can properly disinfect decontaminated areas.

Animal Waste Cleanup

Human and animal waste can spread diseases and damage the interior of a home. Waste can even penetrate the subflooring, requiring extensive subfloor removal.

Odor Removal

Tough-to-eliminate odors such as cigarette smoke and pet urine can depreciate the value of a home. Ozone generators are used to rid an area of the smell resulting in a clean, safe and fresh environment.

Rodent Droppings Cleanup

Rodent cleanup services can quickly and effectively remove and disinfect all droppings and dead rodents.

Teargas | Fingerprint Dust Cleanup

Utilizing powerful techniques and procedures to properly clean up the remnants of a teargas bombing or fingerprint dusting can ensure that an area is thoroughly cleaned up and safe to inhabit.

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